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MLK Blvd  |  Newark, NJ

Purchased on December 23, 2019 for $1.55M from a private seller, the BLVD is the adaptive re-use of a former 2 story office building located on a 12,000 sqft parcel into a 41-unit apartment building with 36 parking spaces. 

Development will join an architecturally scenic community in Downtown Newark comprised of Arts High School, St. Benedict's Prep, and The Newark Abbey.

Approved Redevelopment:

   »  40 rental units 

   »  1 ground floor amenity/commercial space 

   »  Private outdoor rooftop space

   »  1300 sq ft community party & gameroom 

   »  A fitness center for residents

   »  20% of the units will be reserved for
      affordable housing

W. Market St
1920_w market.png

W. Market St  |  Newark, NJ

The infil vacant parcel was acquired from the City of Newark in February 2020 for $31K. Approved 11-unit mixed-use rental redevelopment. This property sits on one corner amongst restaurants, and across from the current construction of a $41M 78-unit mixed use development.

The neighborhood development will sit on top of a new wellness facility being developed by New York Developer L+M.

Approved Redevelopment:

   »  11 rentals units 

   »  1 ground floor 850 sq. ft.
      commercial space

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 10.10.59 AM.png

Ventura Blvd  |  Ventura, CA

We are excited for our future residents to discover the ultimate coastal living experience at Ventura's newest gem - a beautiful 71,000sf, 88 unit, 118 bedroom multifamily property. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the southern California coast, with pristine beaches just 3 blocks away and a trendy, mid-century downtown at your fingertips.


Take in the stunning views of the ocean, enjoy the array of local eateries, and relax in the laid-back atmosphere that Ventura is renowned for. With the growth of the tech and venture space in Carpinteria and the nearby Los Padres National Forest and Santa Monica Mountains, it's no wonder Ventura is considered one of the most stunning towns in California.

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